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Free Tests and Quizzes
Mensa IQ, Career, Health, Hearing, Dyslexia, Psychology & Lots More Free Tests

Free tests and quizzes including the Mensa Workout IQ test, career, dyslexia, hearing, psychology & typing speed tests..

Mensa Workout IQ Test - Mensa have a free Workout IQ test that you can do online. It doesn't apparently compare to the proper Mensa IQ test but it's good brain exercise. Mensa used to have a free home practice IQ test but now charge a small fee for that.

QuizFactor - You'll find more free quizzes than you can possibly imagine at QuizFactor, including general knowledge, food and drink, animals, cinema, history and science. Earn points, accolades, prize draw entries and kudos as you play their free quizzes.

Free Online Hearing Test - Get a free hearing test online to whether you might have hearing problems. It's wise to check even if you don't think anything is wrong with your hearing because it's usually a gradual thing, hearing loss and it can go un-noticed for a while, until things get quite bad. "Don't suffer in silence" comes to mind!

Online Dyslexia Test - A free online test to see if you might suffer with Dyslexia. To be diagnosed properly, you'd need to be assessed by a professional but this may give you some idea.

TestQ Career Quizzes - On TestQ, you'll find fun, authoritative, insightful quizzes that will help you learn more about your career, your financial IQ, and your educational possibilities. You can even learn specific skills you'll need to get ahead at your career and discover what you really should be now that you're grown up.

Free Aptitude Tests - The free aptitude tests from the University of Kent, include Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Logical thinking, Nonverbal Reasoning, Spelling and punctuation test and Careers Explorer. Good for young and old alike!

iVillage Free Quizzes - iVillage is a website designed especially for women. They have lots of free tests and quizzes on subjects including beauty, money, health, relationships, work and travel. Something for everyone!

BBC Free Psychology Tests - The BBC have a batch of free psychology tests to reveal your personality, ability to be a millionaire, the type of job you are suited to, whether you are a perfectionist or control freak, and lots more.

Type Online Speed Test - If you need to know your typing speed, then Type Online have a free test which will tell you the answer for numbers, words or both.

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